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We firmly believe that transformational change starts on an individual level.

Mindful Tree provided us with a safe and fun space to explore mindfulness practice.

The techniques, skills and mindset we explored with Lisa-Marie help us navigate challenging situations whilst maintaining conditions of positive wellbeing.

Couldn't recommend more highly.

Tom Holliss, Head of People and Culture at Zappi

Many organisations are turning to Mindfulness training to support workers through difficult times at work. I have adapted my programme to offer informal practice in a corporate setting to help promote balance and wellbeing. The techniques acquired tend to improve an individual’s mental health and wellbeing and develop interpersonal relationships and workplace collaboration. A workforce that lives in the present and doesn’t dwell on the past creates a more productive and happy environment.


If you’re interested in trying out mindfulness for your organisation, I offer various mindfulness sessions which are tailored to your business and demographic. It doesn’t matter whether your group has never practised mindfulness before or whether they practice on a regular basis. I tailor each session to the needs of the business and participants. Corporate sessions include:


1 Hour 'Introduction to Mindfulness'

(this is an ideal 'Taster' session which includes some essential theory, along with fun, engaging and thought provoking practices)


Mindfulness 4-Part Progressive Series

(4 week mindfulness course for corporate groups wanting to learn about mindfulness through

a mixture of theory and a wide range of short mindful practices)

Fostering Working Communities Through Wellbeing

(10 week mindfulness course focusing on key themes and mindful techniques for

organisational growth, collaboration and wellbeing in the workplace)


Please contact me at or on 07969 990 782 if you’re interested in a no obligation trial.

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