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Curriculum for 7-11 Year Olds 

Roots Programme: MiSP 12 week foundation course

Lesson 1: Our Amazing Brain

Lesson 2: Making Choices

Lesson 3: Puppy Training

Lesson 4: Everyday Mindfulness

Lesson 5: Noticing the Wobble

Lesson 6: Finding the Steady Place

Lesson 7: Working with Difficulty

Lesson 8: Choosing Your Path

Lesson 9: The Storytelling Mind

Lesson 10: Stepping Back

Lesson 11: Growing Happiness

Lesson 12: The Yum Factor



Curriculum for 12-18 Year Olds 

Roots Programme: MiSP 10 week foundation course

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Mindfulness

Lesson 2: Playing Attention

Lesson 3: Taming the Animal Mind

Lesson 4: Recognising Worry

Lesson 5: Being Here Now

Lesson 6: Moving Mindfully

Lesson 7: Stepping Back

Lesson 8: Befriending the Difficult

Lesson 9: Taking in the Good

Lesson 10: Pulling it all Together


Branches Programme: 8 week follow on course

Moving on from the initial MiSP course foundation programme, this next 10 week programme further cultivates students’ sense of kindness, openness, compassion and non-judgement required to live a life where they are kinder to themselves and those around them. We hone further mindfulness techniques such as awareness of the senses, visualisation and reflection as well as ‘mindfulness in action’. 

Blooms Programme: 10 week final course

Moving into this final branch of the Mindful Tree programme, young people will have completed the Roots (MiSP) foundation programme, as well as the Branches programme where the focus was on cultivating greater kindness, openness and non-judgmental for themselves and for those around them. The Blooms programme focuses on overall resilience of the group and any particular needs that the group has mentioned they would like further guidance on.  This could be anything from mindfulness techniques which cultivate a greater sense of focus and goal setting to increasing students’ sense of creativity and open-mindedness to dealing with difficult situations, people and emotions such as frustration, anger, impatience and regret. Mindfulness techniques used in this final course include awareness of breath, awareness of all the senses, awareness of thoughts, various visualisation techniques, noting technique, mindful movement and mindfulness in action.  




Roots Foundation Mindfulness Course for children ages 7-11 years old

(Online course taught with an accompanying parent)

Roots Foundation Mindfulness Course for young people ages 12-18 years old

(Online course taught with either an accompanying adult or solo with adult consent)

For more information on upcoming online course for children and young people,

please contact me at or on 07969 990 782.

Online Courses Coming Soon!

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