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Hi, I'm Lisa-Marie and the founder of Mindful Tree. Mindful Tree grew out of the immense benefits I experienced from practising daily mindfulness, which I have been doing for many years and my passion for bringing mindfulness into the daily lives of those around me.

Through daily practice I began to find a greater sense of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and it is this greater sense of overall health and wellbeing that I am so passionate about sharing with you.



I currently work with primary and secondary schools to introduce mindfulness into their curriculum.

I also work with individuals and companies to bring mindfulness into the workplace in casual sessions, either in-person or online. 

Through a regular practice of mindfulness, I believe anyone can develop a set of tools to help transcend the noise of a busy mind and provide us with a foundation for meaningful experience. Through practice, we learn to tackle difficult thoughts and emotions and to acknowledge them with confidence before returning to the present moment and moving forward with our day.  We can also develop compassion and generosity for ourselves as well as for those around us, including family, friends, teachers and others in our community. The invaluable skills we learn through the practice of mindfulness will set us up for better emotional and mental health and is a practice we can refine for the rest of our lives.

Lisa-Marie grew up in Toronto, Canada where she studied Radio and Television Arts. She worked in the television industry in Canada before moving to the UK 15 years ago. During her time as a television producer, she worked with children and teenagers but it was during her time working for CBBC where she fell in love working with children and young people.

Lisa-Marie currently lives in Surrey, with her husband and two children, Jacob and Danika.

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