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Mindfulness is the practice of Present Moment Awareness, using our breath, sights, sounds, and sensations as anchors to bring us back to this moment.  Worry, fear, sadness, anger and anxiety are emotions that rise up in our bodies, stay for a while and then pass. However, most often these worries, fears and anxieties get amplified by the stories we tell ourselves in our minds. When this happens, our bodies respond with a ‘Fight of Flight’ response, which is not a productive or healthy place to reside.

If practiced regularly, mindfulness can lead to a decrease in stress for both adults and children.  By being fully aware of the sounds, smells, sensations, thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing in the present moment, we allow our bodies to enter a parasympathetic, or relaxation mode. And when our bodies are still, we allow ourselves the space and freedom to relax, unwind and let go. All of my courses are designed to teach people how to live less in their heads and more in their bodies, from ‘thinking’ to ‘being’,  from ‘reactive’ to ‘responsive’.  Mindfulness teaches us to take a step back and watch the storm, letting it pass so we can find greater  happiness and wellbeing for ourselves and those around us. Adult courses include:

1 Hour 'Introduction to Mindfulness' Workshop

(this is an ideal 'Taster' session which includes some essential theory, along with fun, engaging and thought provoking practices)


Mindfulness 4-Part Progressive Series

(4 week mindfulness course for individuals wanting to learn about mindfulness through

a mixture of theory and engaging short mindful practices)

Awakening Series

(10 week mindfulness course focusing on one key theme per week with a progression of mindful techniques

and practices for stress reduction, relaxation and personal growth)


Please contact me at or on 07969 990 782 to find out when the next in-person or online course begins.

Online and In-Person Courses

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